Costs and Financial Aid

Applying for Aid

It is easy to apply for financial aid at KCTCS. For most forms of aid, including grants, loans and work, all you need to do is complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Here is a helpful tutorial to assist you in completing the FAFSA "Seven Easy to completing the FAFSA".
  1. Apply for a federal PIN. You will use your PIN to access your personal records and electronically sign federal student aid documents. Apply for your PIN at the Federal Student Aid PIN Web site.  
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may do file the FAFSA online or get a paper version from the KCTCS Financial Aid Office or your high school counselor.
  3. Watch your e-mail/mail for your financial award notification.

For assistance with applying for aid, contact a financial aid counselor at your local KCTCS college.


Students may be selected for a process called Verification. Verification is the process the Department of Education uses to determine the accuracy of information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It requires the completion of a verification form in addition to submitting supporting financial documentation to the Student Financial Aid Office of your home campus.

Students selected for this process are notified on their Federal Student Aid Report (SAR), via email and/or on their PeopleSoft self-service account. Please log in to your People Soft self-service account frequently to review your To Do List.

To expedite the verification process, follow the steps necessary for importing your (and your parents / spouse, if applicable) tax data into your FAFSA by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool available on FAFSA on the Web. Whether or not you are selected for verification, you must complete the IRS DATA RETRIEVAL process. If you have not already done so, please complete this step as soon as you have filed your federal income tax return.

If you are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you may be required to provide a copy of your IRS TAX TRANSCRIPT. Tax filers can request a transcript from the IRS free of charge. Follow the instructions on your verification form to determine if you need to attach a copy of your transcript. Important: Effective with the 2012-2013 academic year, the Student Financial Aid Office is no longer able to accept the tax filer’s copy of a federal income tax return as proof of federal tax information. In some cases, the tax filer’s copy will be required to verify special circumstances. You will be notified if our office needs this information. Tax filers and non-tax filers may be required to provide copies of other important tax documents, such as W-2 Wage and Tax Statements.

If there are any differences between your application information and your verification documents, the Student Financial Aid Office may send corrections electronically to have your information reprocessed. This may require you and/or your parent(s) to report asset information not included on your FAFSA.

Verification must be completed before we will process your financial aid request. If you do not provide the documents requested on time, you will not receive federal student aid, and you might not receive aid from other nonfederal sources. When the verification is completed you may receive:

  • a revised Student Aid Report (SAR) reflecting changes made
  • an award notification based on your verified Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

If you were selected for verification, the appropriate forms can be located in self-service or access here. If you have difficulty printing the forms, please contact your local Financial Aid office.

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