Kentucky Workforce Investment Network System (KY WINS)

KY WINS is designed to promote learning focused on developing high-performance work organizations, and most importantly provide workers with the world-class transferable skills that will enable them to master technology and foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

KY WINS Program benefits Kentucky by:

  • Providing workers with world-class transferable and portable skills
  • Retaining and recruiting companies requiring high skills
  • Increasing the productivity of its workforce
  • Improving the employability of Kentucky's citizens
  • Strengthening and improving state and local economies

KY WINS funds may be used for qualified skills upgrade including information technology, Lean Manufacturing and Lean for Service, WorkKeys job profiling and assessment, instructor travel, facility rental and equipment.

KY WINS will provide funding for 75% of the total cost of the services to be delivered through a project. The company will be responsible for paying the remaining 25% plus the 10% KCTCS administration fee.

KY WINS Funding Example

Total Training Cost 


KY WINS pays 75% of training cost


Company pays 25% of training cost


Plus 10% Administration Fee


Total Cost to Company


For More Information

Mike Davenport
Madisonville Community College
(270) 824-8661