Professional Developement

Professional Development

8/25 12:20-12:50 JHG 305 BrownBag: Conflict Resolution: Constructive Responses Christy Adkins & Kim Simons
8/26 9:00-9:50 JHG 309 Performance Planning and Evaluation Overview Dr. Deborah Cox
8/26 10:00-10:50 JHG 337 The Great App Shoot Out Jennifer Welch &
Katrina Florea
8/30 12:20-12:50 JHG 210 BrownBag: Developing a PES mission Statement Natalie Cooper &
Felecia Johnson
9/2 9:00-9:50 JHG 305 The Natural Health Revolution Gary Scott, Brandy Sandidge, Maria Polley
9/9 9:00-9:50 JCD 117 Appalachian Muses in Poetry and and Song Sharon Fugate
9/9 10:00-11:15 LRC 105 QEP: Peer Review Process for Online Course Lisa Lee, Matt Luckett,
Jennifer Welch, Betsy Allen
9/16 9:00-9:50 JHG 309 Promotion Process: Questions and Answers with the CACP Committeee CACP Memebers
9/16 10:00-11:15 JHG 309 “I’m Pretty Much F*#&%$.” How to Survive 365 Days with the New Common Reader. Brooke Archila, Russ Lewis, Cathy Vaughan, Jennifer Welch, Mary Werner, Marlena West
9/16 11:30-12:30 JHG 338 You Can Teach Abroad with KIIS; Find out How! Robin West
9/19 12:20-12:50 JHG 212 BrownBag: Modeling PES Behaviors-From a Teacher Perspective Lisa Lee & Sonya Shockley
9/23 9:00-9:50 JHG 309 Hazardous Weather Channel 14
9/23 11:00-11:50 BBC 142 Are you "Pinteresting" enough? Brianna Pantano
9/30 9:00-9:50 JHG 212 Everything I Need to Know About PES I Should Have Learned in Pre-school April Grace
9/30 10:00-10:50 JCD 116 Creating a Garden Under Glass -Terrarium Carol Minton

Classified Staff Professional Development Sessions

Please check back for upcoming events.

Required Session

All MCC employees are required to complete an online safety traning session annually. Please view the session and take the quizzes, then print your certificate of completion and forward a copy to May Wright in Human Resources


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