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Kentucky Medication Aide

The Kentucky Medication Aide certificate is a one semester course that is only offered during the summer semester. Students may elect to take the Kentucky Medication Aide exam upon successful completion of the second semester of the Integrated Nursing Program.

Available Credentials


Employment Opportunities

The course prepares an individual to administer specific medications in a long -term care facility as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse.

Admission Requirements

The Kentucky Medication Aide class is a selective admission course. In addition to MCC’s general admission requirements, candidates to the class must contact Kay Hawkins (270-824-1751 or in the MCC nursing office for further information. Please note the following special requirements of this class:

  • All students taking KMA 100 will be required to pay the following additional fees:
    • $11.00 for professional liability insurance
    • $40 state exam fee
  • Students will also be required to provide the following health records:
    • Copy of MMR vaccinations. Titer results will also be accepted. Birth during or after 1957 indicates the need for two (2) doses of a live measles-containing vaccine. The first vaccine must have been given on or after 12 months of age. At least one dose must have been received after 1980. If you were born in or before 1956, you are exempt from the MMR requirement. MMR vaccinations or Titers cannot be waived.
    • Copy of TB skin test results. Results must be within the last year.

All students enrolling in the Kentucky Medication Aide class must provide proof of working as a CNA for 6 months and must have a facility willing to provide a clinical opportunity to complete this class.