Online Dual Credit Classes

Students at high schools with dual credit agreements with Madisonville Community College may apply to take on-line courses taught through MCC for dual credit, subject to limits described below. Courses through other community colleges cannot be taken for dual credit and are not subject to the tuition waivers provided for MCC courses. 

Students registering for on-line dual credit classes will take them in a “hybrid arrangement” by which students will be expected to meet regularly during the school day with someone from the high school present to assist students, particularly by proctoring examinations, helping students with the online format of the course, and making certain students stay on schedule.

Other requirements are:

  • Students must meet a minimum college readiness placement score requirements as demonstrated by PLAN/ACT or Compass scores; Minimum ACT score of 20 in reading is required
  • Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or have a 2.5 GPA with the approval of the school counselor that the student is academically mature enough to succeed in an online course;
  • Online dual credit classes are subject to the course and credit hour limits which are part of the agreement with local schools;
  • Courses will follow the college calendar;
  • Students will be charged one-half tuition (currently $232 for a three-credit hour class) and be expected to purchase course textbooks and other instructional materials related to the course.  Students taking such classes will not be charged the $50 KCTCS dual credit fee for that semester for this or other classes.

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