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Applied Technolory Programs of Study

Advanced Integrated Technology (AIT)

The Advanced Integrated Technology (AIT) program, which offers 3 certificate options, integrates various technologies in order to educate you with a diverse skill set as needed in today's high-tech settings. 

Degree Options:

  • Associate in Applied Science - Advanced Integrated Technology
  • Certificates - Multi-skilled Technician | Controls Engineering | Power Plant Operator | Mechatronics Operator | Industrial Refrigeration (Certificate details are available HERE

Employment Opportunities: Many employment opportunities exist for the AIT degree and certificates. Examples can be found on the program page.

Program Faculty: Mike Deal

Air Conditioning Technology

If you are interested in a career installing and servicing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment then this program is for you.

Degree Options:

Employment Opportunities:  Employment of HVAC installers and mechanics is projected to increase 9 percent during the 2006-2016 decade, meaning graduates of the program should have a variety of employment opportunities. Persons trained in Air Conditioning Technology can expect to find employment in factories, medical settings, food processing, construction, residential service and installation, and many other areas. The median average salary in Kentucky for HVAC installers is $32,200. 

Program Faculty: Don Lomache

Energy Management

100% online program with no textbooks required.  All learning is done on an iPad (or other Apple approved device). Labs completed through distance learning (lab fees applied) Energy Management courses have no pre-requisites and have a bi-term (8 week) delivery.  5 national, industry-recognized certificates are embedded in the curriculum (fees for certification exams extra).

Degree Options:

Employment Opportunities: Madisonville Community College’s Energy Management program, with its national certifications embedded within the curriculum, prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities.  Entry level positions in the energy production industry include renewable energy sales, LEED consultant, alternative energy consultants, residential audits, etc.  Energy Management graduates can also find employment in the growing fields of energy audit, energy consulting, and facilities management.  Employment opportunities are expected to be the greatest in metropolitan areas.

Program Faculty: Jake Hildebrant

Fire/Rescue Science Technology

The Fire Rescue Science Technology Program prepares you for the challenges you will face as an emergency responder in the 21st Century.

Degree Options:

Program Faculty: Ed Schmidt

Biomedical Technology Systems

The Biomedical Technology Systems / Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program at Madisonville Community College is designed for the serious adult learner who desires a rewarding, stable, and life-long career as a biomedical technology management professional.

Degree Options:

Employment Opportunities: Projected occupational growth from 2010-2020 is much faster than average when compared to other occupations (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor).

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be prepared for immediate employment as an entry-level healthcare technology management professional and may pursue employment with a number of employers including, but not limited to: hospitals, clinics, home health equipment companies, third-party medical equipment service providers, and medical equipment manufacturers.

Program Faculty: Joey Jones

Mining Technology

The Mining Technology program focuses on the knowledge needed to succeed in the coal mining industry. Emphasis is given to the statutory rights and safety procedures in all offerings, including the self-rescuer device, transportation controls, communication controls, mining conditions, mining methods, and mining cycle.

Degree Options:

  • Associate in Applied Science - ElectricianEngineering OperationsMechanic OperatorSupervisor

  • Certificates - Underground Operator | Underground Mechanic/Electrician | Underground Supervisor | Surface Operator | Surface Supervisor | Surface Field Mechanic | Surface Technician/Greaser (Certificate details are available HERE).

Program Faculty: Randy Wolfe, Bart Allen

Welding Technology

Certified welders are among the highest paid of all the skilled trades. Welders join metals by applying intense heat from a gas or electric source to melt metal to form a permanent bond with or without the use of filler metals.

Degree Options:

  • Diploma - Combination Welder (Supports AAS in GOTS)
  • Certificates - ARC Cutter | ARC Welder | Gas Welder | Production Line Welder | Tack Welder (Certificate details are available HERE).

Employment Opportunities: A majority of welders work in manufacturing industries. Others are employed by construction firms and businesses performing various repair services. A skilled welder may qualify as a technician, supervisor, inspector, or as an owner of a welding business.

Program Faculty: Reid Davis